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Customer Reviews Pak Mail Knapp's Corner

January 31, 2019

Greetings from Alaska Mr. Goodrich:

Unfortunately I had to fly down to Michigan and bury a loved one (Aunt) recently. On a more positive note I had the opportunity to also use PAK MAIL 293 in Grandville Michigan. To my assurance and pleasure there was somebody specific I saw that day and literally had a brief call and update from a phone conversation (today) of my shipping status. I came in a little after 1pm on the 16th of January and it was busy, I had to fly out the following day and although my sister and brother in law never had the time to do this, it was important to me. Package to be shipped? My late father's favorite painting; crushed stone with two Indians hunting buffalo on the plains. It was appraised at $2500.00 back in 1984/5...anyways, I was greeted very professionally and the employee Angie was very informative, professionally punctual, factual and down right concerned about making sure this was packaged correctly before shipping it to Alaska. In fact she made a call told me that the material she normally used were exhausted, but a shipment would be coming in soon to do it correctly. She stated she could use another alternative, but wasn't comfortable knowing the sentimental value of this painting. That's when I seriously recognized someone who really cared!!!! I commended her on her efforts! I said I would wait and then she called me today telling me UPS should be picking it up for delivery.

She said my expected date should be next Wednesday (if it shipped today) ! And I am truly excited, I will let you know when it arrives! Now I pray UPS can do just as good of a job as Angie did... You have a great employee, I'm a Veteran Representative for the State of Alaska and am a Case Manager, I can immediately recognize body language, tone of voice and verbiage in communication skills and I give her a 100 out of 100!!

Whoever hired this individual did a great job and kudos for recognizing future employees with potential. Her soft skills are incredible and am soon to find out what her hard skills are, but rest assured I bet they exceed my expectations, just due to her tremendous follow up efforts!!!

I have heard you just recently got a taste with what most Alaskans go through in a normal winter, just add another 2 to 3 weeks of the cold weather and another 6 to 8 feet of snow, throw in 20 hours of darkness and bamb!! Your there.. lol, My brother in Kalamazoo keeps calling me and giving me updates and us Alaskans are just up here getting humored about the closings of everything as this is normal operating weather for us. Thanks for your time, and wish you warmer weather soon!

Thank you!! and Thank you Angie!!!!

Gerritt Waterlander

September 16, 2018

Good morning Just a note to let you know my package arrived safe and sound. You went above and beyond with how well this was packaged. I will definitely be using your service again should the need arise.

Thank you!!
Traci Cote

May 3, 2018

Best packing company! Jim was amazing and the customer service outstanding! Had to get my mothers boxes and furniture shipped to Florida for her and all arrived safely! Will use them again! Highly recommend them!

Jackson Kinner


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